Florida Medical Marijuana ID Card Renewals & Follow Up

Renew Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card in Palm Beach County

Medical Cannabis Card Renewals Near West Palm Beach, FL

Florida Medical Marijuana Health Center makes renewing your marijuana ID card quick and easy because we help you fill out and file your application online with the State of Florida.

Why Choose Florida Medical Marijuana Health Center For Renewal

The majority of primary care doctors and medical clinics in South Florida require the patient submits their renewal application directly to the OMMU online or by sending it by mail. Attempting to do it yourself can cause confusion and delays because patients are not familiar with the renewal application and re-certification process.

Our patients have found the easiest and quickest way to renew your medical marijuana ID card is to have us handle everything. All you have to do is come in for your appointment so our doctor can re-evaluate you for a medical marijuana recommendation.

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Florida Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Requirements

Renewing Your Florida Cannabis ID Card

Patients are required to renew their medical marijuana ID card in the State of Florida once a year to keep it active. You’ll also need to see our licensed doctor for a follow-up visit to renew your medical marijuana recommendation every 7 months.

It is also mandatory to renew your medical marijuana follow-up every 7 months as mentioned above. The cost to visit our doctor for a re-certification evaluation averages $17 per month.

When Should You Start The Medical Marijuana ID Card Renewal Process?

We highly recommend you start the process to renew your medical marijuana card in Florida at least 45-days before it is due to expire.

Change Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida

You can switch from one doctor to another medical marijuana doctor in Florida. Patients who want to change their doctor will need to notify the new medical office that you are transferring. We’ll help you fill out the necessary forms to input your new information into your Medical Marijuana Use Registry. Once the transfer has been completed, you will be able to see our in-house physician, Dr. Steven Spector, to get your medical marijuana license renewed in Florida.

Cost To Renew Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Patients are required to submit a new application to renew their medical marijuana card in Florida. The cost to renew your medical marijuana card is $75.00 per year plus a $2.75 online processing convenience fee charged directly by the state.

Florida Medical Marijuana Resources

To learn more about Florida medical marijuana cards, read:
Florida Statute CHAPTER 381 PUBLIC HEALTH: GENERAL PROVISIONS SECTION 381.986 – Medical use of marijuana

You can also learn more about Florida medical marijuana use at:
The Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU)

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